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tutoring for the keller community and surrounding areas

tutoring for the keller community and surrounding areas

tutoring for the keller community and surrounding areastutoring for the keller community and surrounding areas

At first, participating in group tutoring can be intimidating for some students. Who wants to share their struggles with their peers? But group tutoring can be very beneficial and one of the most valuable forms of intervention for struggling students.  

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Group tutoring helps students realize they are not alone

Hearing someone with similar issues helps a student see that they are not alone in their challenges. Many students feel a sense of relief knowing they have peers who share similar struggles with schoolwork.   

Group tutoring facilitates giving and receiving support.

If a student is speaking about their struggle with a topic, group members might give alternative forms of methods of solving the problem. Hearing other students’ thought processes can be very powerful in a learning environment.   

Group tutoring helps students find their “voice”.

Group tutoring teaches social conversation skills and helps students develop crucial listening and understanding skills. This helps students take ownership over their own learning and allows them to gain confidence in conversing with teachers and peers.  

Group tutoring boost students’ confidence in their educational journey.

Confident learners tend to speak more and know how to get their point across. Group tutoring helps students feel confident and proud of themselves and their accomplishments. Students can feel secure enough that they are willing and able to learn new material.