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tutoring for the keller community and surrounding areas

tutoring for the keller community and surrounding areas

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Keller learning program, llc

Keller Learning Program, LLC provides an academic atmosphere conducive to student success. Our mission is to support student achievement, create an encouraging learning environment, and translate difficult educational concepts in a way that is easy for all students to understand. 

As a company, we want to inspire students to be passionate about learning,  instill the confidence in the students that they can succeed in school or anything they put their mind to, and to encourage the students, if anything, to always believe in themselves. 

Why do we tutor in small groups at KLP?

At first, participating in group tutoring can be intimidating for some students. Who wants to share their struggles with their peers? But group tutoring can be very beneficial and one of the most valuable forms of intervention for struggling students. 

Group tutoring helps students realize they are not alone. Hearing someone with similar issues helps a student see that they are not alone in their challenges. Many students feel a sense of relief knowing they have peers who share similar struggles with schoolwork.  

Group tutoring facilitates giving and receiving support. If a student is speaking about their struggle with a topic, group members might give alternative forms of methods of solving the problem. Hearing other students’ thought processes can be very powerful in a learning environment. 

Group tutoring helps students find their “voice”. Group tutoring teaches social conversation skills and helps students develop crucial listening and understanding skills. This helps students take ownership over their own learning and allows them to gain confidence in conversing with teachers and peers. 

Group tutoring boost students’ confidence in their educational journey. Confident learners tend to speak more and know how to get their point across. Group tutoring helps students feel confident and proud of themselves and their accomplishments. Students can feel secure enough that they are willing and able to learn new material. 

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I can’t tell you enough what a Godsend you are ~ just what [my daughter]  needed. We really appreciate your flexibility and personalized tutoring.  Consider me Keller Learning Program’s new PR rep! - Parent of AP Calculus Student 

They are wonderful to work with! - Parent of ACT and SAT Student

Incredibly amazing is what you are! My son has absolutely thrived in mathematics since working with [KLP]. You and your program are instrumental in his learning process involving math and we are so grateful. Happy that we found you and excited to have a lasting, learning relationship. Thank you for everything! - AK, Parent of a Middle School Math Student 

[My son} made an 80 on his essay that he got help with while he was doing English tutoring!! This is the first time that he’s actually got a very good grade on an essay!!!! Thank y’all so much for all of the help that y’all have provided for my son!!!!! - Parent of an English Student

I am overly impressed at what just one homework session was able to do for him. He made a 88 on his last test and with continued guidance I know he will be right where he needs to be.  - Parent of a Geometry Student

I wanted to let you know that the sessions are really making a difference for my son. He made a 94% on his math test! He was so excited. - Parent of an Algebra I Student 

As a teacher, I am most impressed with the confidence students in this program have when in the classroom.  The program teaches concepts before a classroom lecture.  This allows the student to be the leader during class discussions and practice along with the class instead of feeling frustrated and left behind. - Teacher of Student Enrolled at KLP

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